Bed sheets: Included in standard service

  • Change & straighten


Laundry: $10/load

  • laundry is placed into washer & dryer then folded when finished and placed where client requests

Dish Washing: $20

Includes 30 minutes of the following:

  • Hand washing, drying, and putting away dishes from sink

  • loading, operating, and unloading dishwasher

Note: our Modern Maids must be aware before the appointment if its going to be hand wash or dishwasher


Modern Maid’s housekeeping services are your key to a perfectly organized and well-maintained home. We recognize that a clean and tidy living space is the foundation of a stress-free and comfortable life. Our professional housekeepers are dedicated to elevating your home’s atmosphere by ensuring every room remains neat and clutter-free. From making your beds and folding laundry to arranging your belongings in an organized manner, our housekeepers pay meticulous attention to the details that matter most to you. With Modern Maid, you can trust that your home will not only be clean but also impeccably cared for, providing you with the peace of mind that your sanctuary is in the best hands.

Every home has its own unique rhythm and organization. At Modern Maid, we understand that your housekeeping needs may vary from others. That’s why we offer personalized housekeeping solutions that can be tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need daily, weekly, or monthly housekeeping services, our team is here to accommodate your schedule. We work closely with you to create a customized plan that matches your preferences, ensuring your home is not only clean but also structured to your liking. Experience the convenience of coming home to a perfectly managed space, where everything is in its place and ready for you to enjoy. With Modern Maid, your home’s upkeep is our priority, allowing you to savor the comfort of an organized and peaceful living environment.

Our business is to make your business shine